Our immersive game play begins at check-in. Battle assignments (teams) are randomly generated to ensure returning skilled players are dispersed. Every session begins with a seven (7) minute safety brief, weapons check, and armorer introduction. Mission scenarios are chosen by our BW Game Marshals. Weapon upgrades, specialized equipment, mission strategies, tactics and team communication are part of the BW immersive experience.


General Admission $30 per person (age 12+ and older only)
Sessions are 60 minutes long, including orientation, gear up, and briefings
Please arrive 15min prior to scheduled battle times
Parental signature required for players under 16 years old

*Battle Works may refuse service to guests for safety violations, inappropriate behavior(s) and language, consumption of alcohol or the appearance of a controlling substance, or any person(s) for any reason as determined by management. 


Call for Group Rates (when booked in advance)
Sessions are 60 minutes long, including orientation, gear up, and briefings
Groups are offered priority play times however, walk-ins are permitted to fill open player slots when/where available.

*Battle Works may refuse service to guests for safety violations, inappropriate behavior(s) and language, consumption of alcohol or the appearance of a controlling substance, or any person(s) for any reason as determined by management.



Team Deathmatch is your basic laser combat scenario where teams go head-to-head to see who can get the most eliminations. Your team should cover each other at all times and use basic strategy to complete the mission. Each player has two lives (100% health) and must return to base to respawn. The team with the most eliminations at the end of the match wins.


Sniper is a mission based on the accuracy percentage of your team. The team with the highest Sniper Rating wins. This rating is calculated based on total eliminations and each player’s accuracy score. No more spray and pray – in this mission every shot counts. One Shot, One Kill

ESCORT (Ambo!)

One team is tasked with moving the Ambassador (AMBO) of Pine Land safely from the Base-1 to Base-2. The opposing team must take out the AMBO to win the game. This is a 5 min match with no respawns. (medic headbands are allowed when available)


This classic battle for superiority is ideal for teams and risky players. The Dominator(s) are placed around the battlefield and teams must fight to claim the Dominator tubes for their side. A player must locate and tag the Dominator by shooting down the center to activate it for their team. While the Dominator is claimed by one side or another, it glows their team color and continually accrues points until seized by the other team. The highest point total at the end of 5 minutes wins. All players have 2 health (100%) and unlimited respawns.


Both teams battle for total control of the battlefield center point (main bunker-marked by a domination tube). As the game clock ticks down the team that has control of the bunker’s domination tube when time runs out will be named King Of The Hill! Points do not matter, ultimate possession of the hill does. This is a 5 min match with unlimited respawn.


Your only medic has been captured and held at an unknown location by the other side! You must work as a team and unite to make your way deep into enemy territory, rescue and escort your medic back to the friendly base in order to utilize his skills (head bands in medic bag for respawning player health). The winning team may get to keep the medic bag through the next game. This is a 5 min match with no respawns unless administered by a medic band.


(PtP) Both teams select one player to serve as their fearless leader and are tasked with safely escorting their President across the battlefield from their Base to the opposing side. Players on each team serve as agents tasked with guarding and/or eliminating the opposition. Strategy is key as the opposing team may choose to take out your President to win the game or advance quickly to safety. This is a 5 min match with no respawns. Once agents (players) are eliminated they must leave the battlefield and return to the ARMORY and watch the mayhem unfold.


Search through the Battle Works arena to find ammo crates that have been dropped in by the support plane. Bring the loot back to your team base. Don’t leave your loot unattended as the enemy may try a heist. This is a 5 min match with unlimited respawns


Battle rages and both sides have critical military intelligence nearby. Each team has a colored intel box in the arena that they must defend, while the other team tries to grab it and return it to their base. All players have 2 health (100%) and only 1 respawn. Teams cannot move their own backpack after placing it and the team that returns the enemy backpack first to their base and successfully calls into game control wins.


The Reaper has come to collect his souls. Fight until life exists no more! When one team is completely eliminated and no lives remain, they have been defeated! Advanced players would do well to help out the newer players during battle in order to preserve team respawns. Teams will start with a total of 4 respawns for each player (i.e. 10 players = 40 lives).


An intense and concentrated tug-of-war game between two teams. In the middle of the battlefield lays a recent supply drop of  boxes and both teams must battle to secure as many of them as possible. You must fight to grab a box and bring it back to your starting zone. The team that secures 4 boxes before 5 minutes is the winner. All players get 2 health (100%) and unlimited respawns. If neither team collects 4 boxes, the team with the most points at 5 minutes wins.


A SWAT/SRT team has been dispatched to clear the neighborhood of a vicious gang. The gang members are hiding out and must survive for 5 minutes. The SWAT/SRT team has 2 lives and 2 respawns, while the gang has 4 lives and no respawns. Gang members can start in any area of the arena with one person in each and the SWAT/SRT team starts at the ARMORY entrance. SWAT/SRT can respawn anywhere on the field and must race against the clock to eliminate the threat.


For this mission, players get 2 health and only 1 respawn. The goal is to find and eliminate the opposing team. To win, a team must fully eliminate the other team. If there are any players left on both teams after 5minutes, the match ends in a tie.


The juggernaut is a classic assault game. One team has one player become a juggernaut. The juggernaut and a body guard set up a defense, where the juggernaut must stay. Both teams begin in the normal starting zones. The juggernaut gets 150 ammo, 10 health, and no respawn, while everyone else gets 2 health and unlimited respawn. The juggernaut’s team must keep the juggernaut alive for 5 minutes in order to win the game. The attacking team must destroy the juggernaut under 5 minutes to win.