Battle Works is part of a nationwide Tactical Player Membership system.
An excellent way to continually engage and immerse your customers even when they are not on site.


A rich online software system for both owners and guests. Set your missions, monitor and maintain your equipment, access arena and management dashboards, connect and distribute automated marketing tools; and so much more!,


Battle Works operates a comprehensive support and training system that is equally fanatical about our owner’s success. Our franchise system is designed to strengthen your business. Our trainers, management team, field support and operators are always available to serve your arena from concept through to consumer across every aspect of your operation.
How do I apply to become a Battle Works Franchisee?

Eureka! You’ve completed the first step, discovery. Next, you will need to complete the Franchise Survey Form located here and then review the Franchise Development Document as required by law. See our timeline here to gain a full snapshot of our path to franchise steps.

What are the general requirements for a potential Battle Works Franchisee?

We are actively seeking highly qualified individuals to become Franchise Owners. Previous business experience is preferred and recommended, but not mandatory. We will take into consideration prior managerial experience, financial qualifications, motivation, and a track record of personal success as important factors in our evaluation process. Because we want our Franchise Owners to succeed, we offer and require all operators and managers to complete a comprehensive training program. 

How much will I need to invest as an owner in this franchise?

An owner may expect to a franchise total between $376,000 and $694,000. Dependant upon your desire to own a single location or a multi-site developed area. Our Franchise page has more information.

How much training is required?

Battle Works has a proven training program that has been critical in lifting us to become an epic experience brand. Because we are absolutely fanatical about our guest experience and the totally immersive product we provide, we require that a minimum of two of your operating managers and one designated owner successfully complete four-to-six weeks of training prior to opening your first Battle Works Tactical Laser Tag arena.

How much operating capital does this franchise need to carry the business?

A Battle Works franchise should carry three to four months of expenses (between $40k – $80k) to ensure the business can operate in a healthy position until initial income carries its expenditures. 

What are you available markets?

Please contact our office to learn about available markets and current growth areas. (252) 515-1074

I am eager to start, how long does it take to open?

From signing your Franchise Development Document then forward to contracts,  site selection, and initial store preparations, you can expect as little as 5-6 months. 

Do you offer financing options to help fund a new franchise owner?

At this time, Battle Works does not offer to finance for Franchise Owners. Franchise Owners typically acquire start-up funding from 1. Banking & Financial Institutions, 2. SBA Guarantee Loans & Financing, 3. Friends/Family and Partnerships 4. Personal Assets such as Roth/IRA, 435 & 401k accounts with some of those options permitting withdrawals without penalties when used as funding for business start-up.

Battle Works does not provide in-house financing for owners and encourage our franchise partners to attain advise from personal accountants and bankers.

I already own a laser tag business, why should I convert to a Battle Works francise?

Simply put Support, Processes, Revenue streams, and an Epic Brand! Our franchise development system opens the door to enhance your existing laser tag arena reaching a broader market with the industry’s latest technology connecting a greater target audience.  Our return customer rate and multiple revenue streams are unparalleled.  Let Battle Works enhance and elevate your existing arena into an unmatched revenue generator!