Why tactical laser tag? Because we are fanatical about immersive gaming!

Battle Works is owned and managed by a small group of energetic and customer service driven professionals. Hailing from law enforcement, military and the gaming/graphic design industry, our mission is to provide an elite recreational gaming experience within the most realistic and immersive environment possible while being safe and responsible. We love our country, our military, our law enforcement families and our fellow gamers. Battle Works is our passion and we want to share the experience with you.

What is Tactical Laser Tag anyway?

We thought for a moment how real can real be if we took the rules of battle and placed them indoors. In short tactical reloads, urban environments, immersive gameplay and real-time game rankings. Battle Works has more than 21 different missions aimed at accomplishing team objectives. Traditional laser tag games outfit all players with identical looking gun models we want to up the stakes with weapon upgrades and continuous gameplay additions! Our iCombat built weapon systems are realistic, yet inert military/law enforcement grade pieces.


Who can play?

We thought of that too, with a variety of weapon makes and models to best fit heavy lifters or swift and quick styles of play. The greatest weapon is the one between your ears, finding that right combination of weapon and style of play equals mission success! At Battle Works our age limit to engage in tactical laser tag is 12yrs old due to the nature of our equipment. If you are under 16, a parent or guardian will need to sign your waiver when registering; that can be done online for convenience.


Can I come by myself, or do I need to come with a group?

Secret Squirrels, Future Soldiers, Hard Chargers, Super Troopers, Devil Dogs, Ninjas, Jedi Knights or simply anyone can enter the Battle Works arena individually or with a group. Our mission scenarios run continuously and session sizes fluctuate depending on registrations and walk-ins. We encourage group play and early registration to ensure your band of battle buddies can suit up together. Our Cadre (game staff) will do their best to keep your team together so long as the odds are not always in your favor.


What are the age requirements for Battle Works?

At Battle Works our age limit to engage in tactical laser tag is 12yrs old due to the nature of our equipment. If you are under 16, a parent or guardian will need to sign your waiver when registering; that can be done online for convenience.


Is the gameplay safe?

Battle Works is absolutely intent on providing a safe battlefield environment for all of our customers across every skill level. Every weapon system is “eye-safe” and inert. Each system uses IR light which is an infrared beam no stronger than a television remote. Our Cadre monitors each mission to ensure all of our House Rules and Battle Rules of Engagement are being strictly adhered to. No one likes push-ups or being sent to the brig!


Is there any special training?

There is no special training other than that of our required pre-mission briefing and safety protocols. We only use Gun-Foo at Battle Works so all of our missions are NON CONTACT sessions. If you were thinking of going hand-to-hand we know a wonderful Grand Master locally who could assist you, but not in the Battle Works arena.


What equipment do I need to participate?

Battle Works recommends comfortable clothes and requires a pair of closed-toe shoes for safety. We issue membership cards that contain your time balance and ranking details. An active time card balance is necessary to enter the “Armory.” Unlike Paintball and Airsoft, we provide the most state of the art weapon systems and there are no costly equipment, safety gear or little plastic pellets required. However, if you have tactical gear (clothing) and want to take your gameplay to the next level with cover and concealment WE ENCOURAGE IT, Hooah! (Yes we hail from the Army side of the house!)


So, what exactly is the difference between Battle Works and paintball or Airsoft?

Simply put – accuracy and accountability. Lasers don’t lie and getting tagged can’t be hidden. The technology used by Battle Works is military grade. Our weapon systems fire and recoil similar to that of the real thing, however there a NO PROJECTILES only IR light.  Battle Works missions are unique in that once a combatant is eliminated, only a Cadre (staff) can reactivate a soldier’s equipment. There is not a lot of “miraculous re-spawn” in our gameplay. Our session and mission sets are much more sophisticated, with multiple roles and gaming objectives. Not all strategies require shooting all the time.


Can we bring our own beverages or food into the Battle Works facility?

Unfortunately, that is a negative ghost rider. Due to North Carolina health & building code regulations, outside food or drinks are not allowed in our facilities. Not to worry we’ve got you covered both within our facility and several wonderful food vendors and eateries within the Atlantic Station Shopping Center.


Do I need to make a reservation?

Reservations are not required for walk-in guests. If this is your first visit to Battle Works, we strongly recommend arriving about 15 minutes early to ensure that your check-in, gear, and card activation goes smoothly.

All group events do require reservations and dependent upon group size and facility use a deposit for confirmation in advance. Corporate, Government, Military and Law Enforcement events are exclusively scheduled through our business office.


Do you book group events at Battle Works?

Battle Works is absolutely a go-to-destination for your group gathering, celebration or event. Our unique space is proud to host corporate team building events, bachelor and bachelorette parties (yes girls are tactical), youth and student group events, college fraternity and sorority socials as well as GOV/MIL/LEA training events.

Battle plans are our forte, and we are proud to offer a custom experience for large groups and corporate team building events with a concentrated focus on enhancing your team(s) needs and objectives. Our group pricing is based on the size of your ensemble and how much of the facility you propose to use/reserve.


How do I book a group event?

Once you’re combat ready to make you battle reservation, please call our office or email us to reserve our arena and cadre. In order to secure your reservation, a non-refundable deposit is required with the amount varies based upon activity and facility use. Your deposit will be charged at the time your reservation and credited to your total session balance.


Are events only hosted during regular hours? Can the facility be reserved at other times?

Reservations for group events to include GOV/MIL/LEA training can be scheduled any day of the week even during non-general public hours. Should you prefer to host your event during our general hours of operation, keep in mind your group may be required to share the combat arena(s) with the public.


Is there a minimum number to be considered for group play?

During general public hours, in order for a single mission/session to be closed out or private the group total must be ten (10) or more.


Do you sell gift cards?

Yes, who wouldn’t love the gift of tactical laser tag? Battle Works staff will be happy to assist you in securing a gift card of your choosing.


What forms of payment does Battle Works accept?

Battle Works accepts, Cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB and Union Pay. Check processing is only available for corporate, GOV/MIL/LEA clients.